Adobe Customer Journey Map

Attracting a niche audience requires a special set of skills

When Adobe needed to increase viewers and subscribers to its new community we created an informed, Customer Journey Map that got into the needs of that audience.  


We're gonna need a bigger boat

Launching a successful web series with viral stars is an exhilarating opportunity. But what happens when its time to optimize and expand your reach to new audiences?


Build a better boat

We researched new audiences and mapped their ideal journey across the viral series. From initial acquisition to engagement we were able to highlight opportunities for growth.


Customer Journey Mapping

Sometimes it takes another view from an unbiased party to help you see clearly. That’s what we do.

Why You Need a Customer Journey Map to Understand Your Audience

A customer journey map is a visual representation of all the touchpoints with a customer and the experience they have. This map can help you understand your audience better and improve their experience.

The Customer Journey Mapping Process

A customer journey can be created using many methods. The best methods are based on direct user research and observation.

The first step in creating a customer journey map is to identify the activities and stages of the journey. Step two is to identify which touchpoints are at each stage and what journeys they might take through those touchpoints. And, the third step is to add any other information that you think would be relevant, such as where your customers are likely to come from, what their goals are, and how they might feel during this process.

The Importance of Understanding Your Audiences’ Journeys

The importance of understanding the audience’s journey is that it helps to create a better customer experience by simply spending the time to get to know customers. This process helps in gathering insights about an organization’s customers, identifying key points on which they are most likely to drop off, and planning for interventions that could improve the customer experience.