How Customer Experience Helped Ralph Lauren Thrive

The Pandemic forced many retailers to focus on their customers. Customers weren’t coming through the physical doors of retail locations making the case for digital Customer Experience a priority. Here are the top three things that Ralph Lauren did to make customer experience a priority.

  1. Evaluated their current experience and identified areas of opportunity
  2. Applied storytelling to their digital platforms
  3. Created a vision for moving forward with mobile experiences

Committing to Customer Experience is the first step to creating a successful customer experience program. Start your program by evaluating your current experience. What’s the customer journey through buying a product or signing up for a service on your website? Is it easy to navigate start-to-finish? Interview customers 1-on-1. Let them tell you about the friction points. 

Customer experience starts with the customer. Ralph Lauren is a great example of what happens when you research your customers and align your goals.


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