The Federal Government’s Customer Experience Gap

How the FACE Act May Actually Change Things

In today’s world, customer experience is key to citizen satisfaction. Most times, a single unpleasant experience can turn into a lifelong customer aversion. With more and more companies paying attention to customer satisfaction, it is important for the federal government to not fall behind in this area.

An Overview of the Current State of Federal Government’s CX

The Federal Government needs a comprehensive customer experience strategy that will ensure that the government’s interactions with the public are meaningful and effective. created a Customer Experience Toolkit to provide consistency in CX best practices. Because there is only one government organization to get a service, improving the customer experience can become even more crucial.

But the government works on rules. Rules are policy. Policy needs to be legislated. And that lands us at the Federal Agency Customer Experience Act (FACE Act).

The Federal Agency Customer Experience Act (FACE) is an act written by the United States government with the goal of improving customer experience. The act requires that all federal agencies must establish customer-oriented goals, provide customers with easy access to information, and deliver high-quality service.

Government Customer Experience Improvements Are Coming, Again

The Federal Agency Customer Experience Act (FACE Act) is now awaiting a Senate vote. This legislation proposes to make major changes to the Paperwork Reduction Act that often extends, sometimes by months or more, the process through which agencies go about their work. The bureaucratic delays from federal agencies are becoming more and more magnified. With new innovative tools, like sentiment analysis, being adopted by leading private-sector companies, it’s arguable that the lag in bureaucratic action is not welcome in today’s modern data era.

Many people are wondering if the government realizes how important citizens’ overall experience with their federal agencies is? Some experts think that if this isn’t taken care of soon, it could eventually lead to an increase in private sector spending because the public would be left dissatisfied and create workarounds to the sludge gumming up the system. As citizens, we should stay alert and monitor the movement of Congress to see where it’s headed.


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